TIVAR Sleeves protect idler rolls!

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TIVAR sleeving is a common practice to slide a TIVAR tube over a rod of material for a variety of results.  A common application is using the TIVAR sleeve over idler rollers to support rollers that are not under a drive mechanism.  In most bulk handling processes, a great deal of dust is generated in the movement of material and this causes issues as the dust starts to stick to the steel rollers.  Once the dust starts to build, the issues that can occur are the following:

  1. premature belt wear
  2. belt tracking problems
  3. corrosion of the rollers

Sleeving with TIVAR assisted with the following:

  • reduces downtime caused by material build-up on the rollers.
  • increases the roller life by resisting corrosion
  • protects the belt and roller from wear
  • rejuvenates old rollers to save replacement cost.

Sleeving with TIVAR continues to grow into other areas of industries besides conveyors.  If you need assistance with addressing your idle rolls on your bulk solid conveyors, reach out to us and we can provide you the necessary assistance to improve your uptime for your conveyors.   Contact us today at sales@lawrenceindustriesnow.com or 260-432-9693.