Pre-Fabricated Kits for Quick and Cost-Effective Projects

In the world of construction and heavy equipment, time is money. Lawrence Industries offers a solution that can save both – pre-fabricated kits. These kits come with pre-drilled scores and fastener locations, simplifying installation. No more wasting time on-site measuring and drilling; our kits streamline the process.  Shipping large equipment can be a headache, but our compact pre-fabricated kits solve this problem. They’re easier to ship, ensuring your materials arrive promptly and intact.

For the trucking industry, minimizing downtime is essential for maximizing profits. Our specialized pre-fabricated kits for truck liners are designed to do just that. With quicker installations, your trucks spend less time off the road, earning you more money.

To explore these benefits for your projects, contact our dedicated team at or call 260-432-9693. We’re here to tailor solutions to your needs and help you work more efficiently and cost-effectively. Lawrence Industries is your partner in success, offering a toolbox of solutions to streamline your operations.

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