TIVAR® Dryslide

TIVAR® Dryslide is a specially formulated polymer liner engineered for parcel handling chutes. This polymer material has a dry lubricant additive that lowers the surface friction of the product without causing oily build-up. Transfer chutes constructed for parcel handling facilities will typically have shallow angles (20° to 40° from the horizontal). These shallow angles can lead to boxes and packages getting hung-up. DrySlide has an extremely low coefficient of friction surface (.08 static C.O.F.), which allows boxes and packages to slide freely. DrySlide also has a carbon pigment additive that serves to reduce static build-up.

DrySlide can be easily fabricated to conform to radius surfaces and spiral drops. Lawrence Industries can pre-fabricate liners for installation and supply attachment hardware. TIVAR DrySlide is available in sheet thicknesses of ¼”, 3/8” & ½”.

UHMW at Parcel Facility

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Cut to Size Length and Width Tolerances are +/- 1/8"