What is TIVAR® 88?

TIVAR® 88 is a low coefficient of friction UHMW-PE polymer that offers superior release and non-stick performance properties over traditional UHMW-PE materials. TIVAR® 88 polymers are alloyed to enhanced performance properties and tailored for specific applications within the bulk material handling industry. TIVAR® 88 has a lower coefficient of friction than 304 2B stainless steel and in slide abrasion applications can out wear carbon steel. The material release and non-stick properties of TIVAR® 88 make this an ideal lining material for bins, bunkers, silos, chutes, railcars, off road trucks and excavating equipment. TIVAR® 88 will help to eliminate problems with sticking arching, bridging, ratholing, plugging, carryback, spoilage, cross batch contamination and spontaneous combustion.

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