Arching, Bridging, Ratholes..oh my!!!

Bulk solids flow problems is a common issue throughout the world from the food / chemical / maritime / agricultural / metals / paints / polymer / and a thousand others!  Engineers and operation personnel throughout the world continue to fight the following items:

  • No flow:
    • Arching:  formation for a cohesive arch over the outlet that prevents material from exiting.
    • Rathole:  formation of a cylinder hole directly over the hopper outlet preventing flow from exiting the hopper
  • Erratic flow:
    • Combination of the arches forming and collapsing that does not provide a uniform flow through the outlet.
  • Lack of Capacity:
    • Due to flow pattern in the hopper, a significant portion of the hopper is being used by stagnant material.
  • Degradation:
    • Stagnant areas in the hopper may cake or degrade causing spoilage of the material in the hopper.

To get to the real understanding of the issue, we need to quantify the bulk solids properties of the material in the hopper.  Flow property tests should be run on a representative sample of hte bulk solid to determine its cohesive strength (arching / ratholing dimensions), internal friction, and wall friction.  These tests provide information that allow you to design a hopper for your material that will provide you a trouble free life.

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