TIVAR 88 use in coal barge unloading!

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Coal continues to be needed as an energy source to meet the energy gaps for different countries.  Most coal is moved from mine to user by truck, conveyor, barge, or train.  For long distances, the most economical shipment mode is barge or rail.  Barge continues to be the lowest cost option as a result specifying the correct barge unloading system is key to having a successful system.  There are two different types of coal unloaders and TIVAR® 88 liners can assist with improving the operation of the units:

1:  Clamshell bucket
2: Continuous Bucket Ladder Unloaders:

Taking advantage of TIVAR® 88’s low coefficient of friction, we can reduce the amount of material that is carried over in the buckets especially with wet coal!  The liners also will resist any abrasion thereby extending the life of hte buckets.  This will reduce the maintenance on the equipment and improve the overall operational efficiency of the equipment.

Lawrence Industries specializes in TIVAR 88 lining materials and services related to improving the flow of bulk solids in bunkers, bins, silos, hoppers, chutes, transfer points, and transportation equipment.  Lawrence Industries can develop solutions for improving asset effectiveness and extend the service life of operating equipment with bulk materials, such as coal, synthetic gypsum, natural gypsum, limestone, fly ash, bauxite, grain, sand, and lime.  Lawrence Industries combines the latest in engineered materials, bulk solids analysis, geometric designs, and manufacturing capabilities to develop cost effective solutions for bulk flow problems.  Feel free to reach out to us today at sales@lawrenceindustriesnow.com and/or 260-432-9693.