TIVAR® 88 Conveyor Skirting

TIVAR® 88 skirt boards are an excellent way to keep materials moving smoothly on a conveyor. The low coefficient of friction surface of TIVAR® 88 prevents material build-up, relieving the stress on the conveyor motor. TIVAR® 88 skirt boards can be fabricated out of most TIVAR® 88 formulations and formed to match almost any conveyor configuration with either a steel frame to bolt to a hopper or as replacement skirting to be fastened to your current conveyor guide. TIVAR® 88 is highly abrasion resistant ensuring a long production life with minimal down time due to wear. TIVAR® 1000, H.O.T., and Metal Detectable are ideal for food conveyors and other systems that require FDA approved liners and a smooth non-stick surface to keep materials flowing.

TIVAR 88 Convyor Rails

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TIVAR 88-2 Skirt Boards