Bulk Materials

Bulk Material Conveyor

TIVAR® 88 provides a non-stick surface for high moisture content, sticky, and cohesive bulk solids such as:

  •              Synthetic Gypsum (FGD)
  •              Fly Ash
  •              Sludge
  •              Over Burden
  •              Clay
  •              Hydrated Lime

TIVAR® 88 is a durable and long lasting polymer liner that has a 30 year history of success in improving material flow in the coal handling and power industry. Coals handled include:

  •                  Bituminous Coal
  •                  Sub-Bituminous/PRB
  •                  Lignite Coal
  •                  Anthracite Culm
  •                  Bio Fuels (wood chips)
  •                  Bituminous Gob

Converor Belt

Bulk Material Pile

TIVAR® 88 offers an excellent slide abrasion wear and corrosion resistance for bulk materials associated with mining and minerals processing.

  •                          Potash
  •                          Sand
  •                          Bauxite
  •                          Limestone
  •                          Gypsum
  •                          Copper Concentrate
  •                          Nickel Concentrate