Studs and Spanner Nuts

Stud weld attachment fasteners are a fast, secure and efficient way to attach TIVAR® 88 liners. Stud welding is a “non-through bolt” fastening method, in which a thread stud is arc welded to a steel substrate through a counter bored hole in the TIVAR® 88 liner. After the threaded stud is arc welded to the substrate, a steel threaded spanner nut is driven down tight against the TIVAR® 88 liner into the counter bore hole. In gauge thicknesses of TIVAR® 88 greater than ½” a compression fit plug of TIVAR® can be placed over the spanner nut. The process of arc welding the threaded stud takes less than a few seconds to complete. Counter bore and spanner nut drive to tools are available.
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