TIVAR® Metal Detectable

TIVAR® Metal Detectable is a modified UHMW-PE, is FDA and USDA approved safe for food contact, and can be traced by standard metal detection equipment. TIVAR® MD has a nil moisture absorbing rate, reducing wear and bacterial growth. Its nonstick properties keep bulk materials flowing, reducing the need of continual scraping and lowering maintenance costs and downtime. TIVAR® MD is commonly used for conveyor guides, scrapers, rub rails, funnels, feed chutes, and rollers. The high tensile strength and abrasion resistance of TIVAR® MD reduces part breakage therefore increasing system efficiency. In the case of part breakage, standard metal detection systems can trace pieces of TIVAR® MD, reducing product recalls and consumer complaints due to product contamination.
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TIVAR Metal Detectable

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Cut to Size Length and Width Tolerances are +/- 1/8"