TIVAR® Dockguard

TIVAR® Dockguard has excellent properties that outperform other fendering technologies currently available. Dock structures are an expensive capital investment. The dock’s physical structure can be significantly damaged in a single incident causing expensive repairs.

Key Benefits of TIVAR Dockguard:

  1. Best in class coefficient of friction -- allows vessels to glide along the surface protecting the boat hulls and the dock structure.
  2. Easy to fasten to wooden or concrete pilings!
  3. Wear Resistant Surface -- outwears hardened steel
  4. Chemical and Corrosion Resistant -- Withstands salt water, fuel and chemicals.
  5. Chemically Inert -- Environmentally friendly and does not leach any chemicals into the waterways
  6. Performs In Weather Extremes -- Sub-zero conditions don’t degrade TIVAR® performance. It retains key physical properties to -30° C. TIVAR® material is UV-resistant, which increases wear life in seaport exposures.

There are a range of dock fendering products that are used, but generally the foam-filled fenders are supposed to last. In high traffic service, the fenders tend to abrade over time quickly especially if attached to concrete piles. Using TIVAR® Dockguard, you obtain a truly wear-resistant approach. The TIVAR® Dockguard has excellent chemical resistant properties as well as a coefficient of friction that is exceptional. Dockguard not only protects the dock but can also prevent damage to boats.

For example, the Norfolk Naval Base was experiencing issues with barges and tugboats breaking their piles. The TIVAR Dockguard strips was fabricated with a curved back to allow the strips easily be fastened directly to the piles. After implementation, the issues with the piles did not return. TIVAR Dockguard will protect your dock and is has been shown to be used in seaports around the world for more than 25 years!

Example of TIVAR Dockguard on a standard dock piling:  Note:  All Dockguard pieces are cut per the dock dimensions and requirements.

Do you want to prevent costly damage to your dock?

Lawrence Industries, Inc. specializes in the design, fabrication and installation of TIVAR® Dockguard materials. Whether it is a private boat dock, commercial port, or naval base, we can provide assistance on making your dock piles last well into the future. Feel free to reach out to sales@lawrenceindustriesnow.com or 260-432-9693.

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