TIVAR bucket liners improve efficiency!

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TIVAR bucket liners has drastically increased the productivity of dragline bucket. The liner reduced maintenance costs and improved overall efficiency of dragline conveyors.  Before the installation of the TIVAR liner, the buckets experienced material building up in the bucket as a result of freezing weather or sticky material conditions.  After installation, maintenance of dragline buckets has been drastically reduced.  Operations stated that the monetary savings from the TIVAR liner can be contributed to the startling reduction in carry-back.  In severe weather, carry-back amounted to as much as 35% of a single load.  The capacity was reduced so much that the carryback had to be dug out with backhoes.  Prior to TIVAR, operations had to shutdown once or twice each 8-hr shift for up to a full hour.  With the liner, operations stated that they could operate the huge dragline buckets without interruption!