Are you using the right equipment for an easy TIVAR installation?

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Fastening of the liners is a critical step that is often overlooked, however as we know the devil is in the details when it comes to bulk solids.  It is critical that a smooth, durable finish that promotes flow is provided when a TIVAR 88 liner is installed.  The TIVAR fastener system provides a superior surface and makes it very easy to install.  The system has been optimized and developed over the years to ease the use of TIVAR linings.  The system consists of TIVAR capped elevator bolts, weld washers, stud weld, and concrete expansion anchors.  The primary premise of any of those liners are the following:

    1. Ensure the fastener surface is flush with the liner
    2. Prevents leaks
    3. Resists corrosion and abrasion
    4. Allow for thermal expansion and contraction
    5. Eliminate vibration
    6. Eliminate bridging caused by material hang-up on regulator fasteners that protrudes into the bulk flow.

Lawrence Industries specializes in TIVAR 88 lining materials and services related to improving the flow of bulk solids in bunkers, bins, silos, hoppers, chutes, and transfer points. Lawrence Industries stocks a complete line of fasteners for TIVAR linings!  Feel free to reach out to us today at and/or 260-432-9693.