Unlocking hidden efficiency by addressing hopper flow patterns!

In the food industry, ingredient spoilage can become a significant hurdle, necessitating the complete emptying and cleaning of hoppers and silos. This process inevitably affects the operations group by limiting their production capabilities. Consider a real-world example: a corn silo at one of our customer’s facilities operated in funnel flow, causing material to accumulate along the walls, leading to spoilage issues.

The operations team faced the daunting task of cleaning the silo three times a year, resulting in approximately two weeks of downtime per cleaning. Fortunately, a breakthrough emerged when routine lab tests were conducted on the corn. The results revealed that the corn could flow seamlessly on a TIVAR 88 sheet in mass flow, eliminating the need for frequent silo cleaning.

This discovery brought about a remarkable operational benefit, as the corn could now be completely emptied between different loads, significantly improving efficiency and reducing downtime.

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