Drop-In Liners

TIVAR® 88 liners can be manufactured as drop-in liners for smaller hoppers and bins. Using drop-in liners allows installation to be completed quickly; significantly reducing or eliminating attachment fasteners. Available access is the key to utilizing this type of lining approach.


TIVAR 88 Drop In Liners

Pre-Engineered & Fabricated Liner Kits

TIVAR® 88 liners can be pre-engineered and fabricated to the application and geometric profiles of bins, bunkers and hoppers. We can offer application recommendations, design details, pre-fabricated components, attachment fasteners, and installation instructions.


Fabricated TIVAR 88 Lining Kits

Oversized Butt Welded Panels

TIVAR® 88-2 is a butt weldable grade of material, with a silicone additive for enhanced surface lubricity. Butt welding allows for TIVAR® 88-2 to be produced in customized shapes and panel sizes. Oversized butt welded panels can reduce installation time, the quantity of attachment fasteners, and connection seams. In certain applications the operating performance of the liners can be improved through the elimination of fasteners and seams.


Oversized Butt Welded TIVAR 88 Panels

Structural Steel Framework with TIVAR® 88 Substrate

Design options with TIVAR® 88 can be expanded through the use of a structural steel support framework. This approach eliminates the base metal substrate. Seams and joints can be butt or extrusion welded to produce a powder tight seal. Contamination of bulk materials from base metal contact can be eliminated, as well as the elimination of base metal corrosion.


TIVAR 88 Hopper in a Steel Frame

Fabricated Chutes, Hoppers and Transitions from TIVAR® 88

Complete assemblies can be fabricated from TIVAR® 88, TIVAR® 88-2, and TIVAR® 88 BurnGuard. This design should be considered for applications where operating environments are highly corrosive and steel support is not required.


TIVAR Fabricated Chute

Thermoformed TIVAR® 88 Parts

TIVAR® 88 can be thermoformed to provide liners and parts with permanent shapes and geometries. An example of this application would be slider bed assembly parts, where the incoming and outgoing conveyor belt enters and exists across a radius TIVAR® 88 surface.


Thermoformed TIVAR 88 Parts

TIVAR® 88-2 Tubing

TIVAR® 88-2 tubing can be used for gravity discharge applications of dry bulk materials, spiral helix conveyors, and wet slurries. Flanges can be attached by spin welding or extrusion welding. Existing steel pipes can also be lined with TIVAR® 88-2 tubing, for applications such as standpipes and down comers.


TIVAR 88-2 Tubing

TIVAR® 88 T & H Profiles

When i

nstalling TIVAR® 88 liners the vertical seams between panels can be joined with either TIVAR® 88 "T" or "H" profiles. These profiles allow for linear thermal expansion of the material, they protect the base substrate from contact with bulk materials, all while serving as an effective liner attachment system.


TIVAR 88 T and H Profiles

TIVAR® 88 Mechanical Fasteners

A full complement of mechanical fasteners is available for attaching TIVAR® 88 liners. Fastening systems can be either a style that is through bolt or non-through bolt, depending on access and project requirements. Counter bore tools, cover plugs, and drive tools are available with each fastener attachment system.


Studs and Spanner Nuts

Leading Edge Protectors

Preformed steel, stainless steel, and aluminum leading edge protectors are available for completing successful TIVAR® 88 installations. The top perimeter of every lining system should be capped or sealed with a leading edge protector. This will prevent bulk materials from migrating behind the liner panels.


Steel Leading Edge Protector