Mitigating Risks in Liner Fastening: Strategies for Preventing Premature Failure and Ensuring Easy Installation

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System TIVAR partners often recommend various fastening techniques for the liner depending on the specific application. When determining the extent of fastening required to prevent premature liner failure and ensure a quick and easy installation, certain risks need to be considered.

One common risk arises when attempting to reuse liner fabrication drawings for the installation of a new liner on an old substrate. The fasteners used in the original installation may be different, requiring additional holes and potentially increasing installation time.

Changes in the dimensions of fasteners due to factors like vibration, corrosion, or other failure mechanisms can pose another risk. Such changes may prevent the fasteners from fitting properly and providing the necessary grip strength for the liner.

Differences in the accuracy of techniques used by the substrate fabricator and the liner fabricator can also be a source of risk. Inaccurate hole placement can lead to misalignment between the liner and the substrate, potentially resulting in an increase installation time.

Furthermore, weather conditions at the liner fabrication location can impact the drilling process. Thermal expansion of the liner product can cause variations in hole locations, leading to a lack of alignment between the substrate and liner fastening holes.

By understanding these risks, one can evaluate potential failures and take steps to minimize their occurrence. In general, it is advisable to pre-drill only one set of holes to ensure a fast and easy installation, thus reducing the risk of encountering any issues. As a System TIVAR partner, we can also provide alternative fastening options to address any unforeseen challenges that may arise during installation.

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