Improve drag chain performance using TIVAR 88

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Drag chain conveyors deliver bulk materials quickly and efficiently that eliminates damaging materials through tumbling and agitation.   They are used in multiple industries and are generally applied to horizontal and slight incline services.   They are used in multiple industries since they are able to minimize particle degradation (e.g. phramaceuticals, pigmets, grains, tea, and coffee)

TIVAR 88 can be used to improve their operation by including them in the construction of the paddles, which allows them to be used in abrasive or corrosive environments.  TIVAR can be used to line the conveyor discharge to prevent bridging over the outlet by improving the flow by lowering the wall friction in the discharge.  TIVAR can also be used as the sealing material to guide the material and prevent material from getting into the discharge gates.   TIVAR is routinely used as a liner to resist accumulation of material in the conveyor.

Lawrence Industries specializes in TIVAR 88 lining materials and services related to any type of bulk solid equipment whether it is a hopper / feeder / conveyor.  We can assist with addressing your bulk flow issue today!   Feel free to reach out to us today at, and/or 260-432-9693.